My Services

Research can be a powerful tool for your business…

I can help you understand your stakeholders so you can target your marketing to their needs.

I can help you increase sales by positioning products and content to speak directly to your target audiences.

I can help you measure ROI of your program or campaign. What is going well? Where can you course-correct?

…and I never take a “cookie cutter” approach to research.

Each project is designed based on clients’ objectives, and I use different methodologies to meet different needs. Some of the tools I use and the intelligence they provide:

Focus groups. Drill down into attitudes and experiences — while allowing for discussion and ideation around best case scenarios.

Quantitative surveys. Provide “hard numbers” on awareness, attitudes, or behaviors — useful for making decisions and gauging impact.

In-home or in-store ethnographies. Understand how consumers are really using a product– and what their unmet needs are.

Ongoing online research communities. Test reactions to different iterations of content such as messages, ads, or packaging.

One-on-one interviews. Gain a rich understanding of a target audience’s attitudes and behaviors.

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