Q3 Roundup

By jessicabroome on September 30, 2014 in Jessica Broome Research Update

Three-Quarters-by-Jim-KuhnIt’s that time again…q3 is over and I’m reporting on my progress towards my annual goals.

Make more money than last year– and make money every month. Yes! This year is on track to be my best yet.

Work for at least 5 new and 5 existing clients. Yes! I’ve worked for 15 clients so far this year: 10 new and 5 who I’ve had in previous years (and some of the new ones have brought me on for multiple projects, which is great).

Do at least 1 international project. Hmmm…I did a project among lottery players on 5 Caribbean islands, and Skype interviews with respondents in 6 countries. So technically yes, but I still want to go somewhere international for work!

Do at least 5 qualitative projects. I made great progress on this goal this quarter, with 2 focus group projects (including one with baseball fans!) and 2 one-on-one interview projects.

Work in one sector I’ve never worked in. While pharma continues to be a standby, I’ve done projects this year for finance, telecom, non-profit, media, education, and government clients. My work in fashion and gaming lets me say I’ve met this goal!

Teach in at least 2 forums. A few prospects who couldn’t afford me ended up taking my Skillshare class, and I taught Questionnaire Design at the University of Michigan Summer Survey Institute to a motley crew of students from all over the world. I just found out I’ll be doing that again next summer!

Visit two countries for a month each. One of my main goals when I started working for myself was to be mobile. I’ve live in a lot of places this year, including 2+ months in Michigan and 1 in New York, but no other countries (unless you count the Republic of Ann Arbor…)

Attend at least one training. RIVA moderator training in September was great!

Blog every week. Back on track!

Publish at least one academic paper. My Field Methods paper is available, and in the less-academic realm, so is a piece I wrote on combining qual and quant research.

Attend at least 1 conference. Yes! Pioneer Nation was great, and QRCA is coming up!

Find a professional mentor. I can’t say I have an official mentor, but I’ve expanded my circle of people I can call on for guidance, which is what I was seeking.

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