A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

I write semi-regularly about the human side of my life as an independent researcher — both the highs and the lows.

  • Respondents are not Just Rows in a Dataset

    After qualitative research, my clients often ask questions like “What were the key take-aways from respondents in this market?” This is what they’re concerned about, and rightfully so; it’s their job. But I try to remember that, just like my clients are more than their jobs, our respondents are more than just respondents: they’re people with lives and families and

  • What Can Happen if You Have an Inappropriate Scale

    By jessicabroome on January 28, 2013 in Quantitative Research

    I recently did a week-long juice fast at a wellness center.  Upon arrival, I was handed a questionnaire asking about my eating habits and how often I suffered from each of a long list of ailments. “I’m really struggling here,” one of my fellow fasters confided one day. “It might be because I lied on my questionnaire,” she confessed.  “They asked

  • Words And What They Mean

    By jessicabroome on January 1, 2013 in Quantitative Research

    Survey design is a linguistically intense undertaking.  Every respondent should get the same meaning from your questions—and it should be the meaning you had in mind when you wrote the questions. A client wanted to know about feelings of security in different neighborhoods, and wrote the question “How safe do you feel in the area where you live?”  In pre-tests,

  • What I Do and How I Got Here

    By jessicabroome on December 30, 2012 in Research

    I’m still looking for the perfect description of what I do. “Research” conjures images of white coats and Bunsen burners, and “survey” often leads people down the path of topography.  True story: After hearing what my PhD was in, someone once asked if I had been a waitress for a long time.  I must have looked perplexed, because she clarified,

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