About Jessica Broome Research

I’m a strategic research partner who helps you run an effective business by helping you better understand your customers, prospects, employees, and stakeholders.

I develop and execute research strategies, from traditional client satisfaction surveys to cutting-edge digital research, that unlock information about target audiences and inform brand strategies, product design, and overall business strategy.

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About Me

I blend academic research training with 15 years of “real world” experience to work as a strategic research partner with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and top public relations agencies to local governments and non-profits, providing invaluable insights about customers and other target audiences that drive business success.

Prior to starting Jessica Broome Research in 2008, I was the director of measurement at MS&L; before that, I was a research account director at Ogilvy. I have a PhD in Survey Methodology from the University of Michigan, where I teach questionnaire design each summer. (Want to know even more about me? Here’s the whole story.)

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