Case Study 3: Drive sales and nurture relationships by developing the right offerings.

A major beverage company was in the early stages of designing a product targeted at teens and young adults. In close collaboration with their research and development team, I talked to teens to understand what worked with the product and what needed to change.

First, I created online bulletin boards with teens around the country that let me understand who they were: their priorities and concerns, daily routines, and how beverages fit into their lives. Then, I selected the most articulate and creative teens for in-person “co-creation” groups in three markets. During the groups, they sampled the product in its existing form and gave feedback on what it was lacking and what it needed in order for them to be interested in trying it.

Instead of launching a product that didn’t work for this audience, the R&D team was able to take the teens’ input and go back to the lab to make something that was more exciting for consumers.

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