2014 goals: How did I do?

By jessicabroome on January 5, 2015 in Jessica Broome Research Update

goalsI set some goals for the year last January and tracked my progress every quarter (here, here, and here!). Now it’s time for the year-end review of progress against my 14 goals.

1. Make more money than last year –> SUCCESS! This was my best year yet. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

2. Work for at least 5 existing clients –> SUCCESS! I had 6 clients this year who had given me business in other years.

3. Work for at least 5 new clients, including at least one non-profit and one local New Orleans client. → SEMI-SUCCESS. I had 11 new clients this year, including 2 non-profits, but no New Orleans clients.

4. Teach in at least 2 forums.–> SUCCESS! I taught at the University of Michigan Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques (and got invited back for this summer!). I also gave online talks for Caribbean Evaluators International and OurGoods, and my Skillshare class, Questionnaire Design Boot Camp, continued.

5. Visit 2 new countries for a month each.–> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. I did spend a week in Mexico, and I’m currently in Argentina for a month, but I definitely need more international travel in my life in 2015.

6. Do at least one international project.–> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. I did 2 projects that involved a lot of international phone and Skype interviews (including a call to Paris on July 4th…) but didn’t get to travel anywhere exotic.

7. Do at least three qualitative projects.–>SUCCESS! In fact, I did 6! One of my biggest successes for the year, as I really wanted to do more qual.

8. Attend at least one training.–> SUCCESS! I learned a ton at RIVA training for working moderators in September.

9. Blog every week!--> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. I missed a few weeks, but still did better than ever before.

10. Publish at least 1 academic paper.--> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. I have a paper under review at the Journal of Official Statistics, but I don’t think I’ll hear before the end of the year. I did, however publish this piece in the Marketing Research Association’s magazine.

11. Do 3 pro bono projects.–> SUCCESS! I helped two friends with survey design, and did a small project for OurGoods.

12. Work in one sector I’ve never worked in.–> SUCCESS! I made forays into user experience, gaming, and fashion research

13. Attend at least one conference.–> SUCCESS! I had a great time meeting other solopreneurs at Pioneer Nation and was totally lit up by QRCA.

14. Find a professional mentor–> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. Still working on this.

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