Better research, better business.

You’re not a mind reader, but to run an effective business you need to understand how your ideal customer feels, what your employees are thinking, and what is driving customers to your company — or your competitors.

With over 15 years of experience leading research efforts for Fortune 500 companies and the public relations agencies that serve them, as well as a PhD in Survey Methodology and Master’s in Applied Social Research, I am the strategic research partner you need. Contact me to talk about how research can help your business.

I can help you get inside people’s heads, understand what their needs and priorities are, and put actionable insights into your hands to clarify:

What your customers want and what messages resonate with them, so you can tailor your products and marketing

Why people choose your competitors over you, letting you understand how to improve what you do

How employees feel about your company’s culture so you can attract and retain top talent

I can clearly define the questions your organization needs answered. I’ll recommend the exact methodology to illuminate your path forward, whether it’s a traditional customer survey or cutting edge digital research.

Then, rather than simply deliver data, I’ll translate that data into insights you can put to use immediately to drive business success.

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